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Here’s Why Healthy Digestion Is Important For Your Overall Health!

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Digestion is the systematic process of breaking down the food into smaller components so as to enable their absorption and transfer throughout the body by blood cells. The supply of nutrients in this form by the blood cells is what provides your body energy to function and survive. If digestion is not taking place properly, then your overall health gets affected because a significant percent of the immune system is within your digestive tract.

If you are facing issues with digestion, just check out Digestive Enzyme Freedom Plus review and see if it helps! Making lifestyle changes as described in would also help in reducing digestion related issues to a great extent. This article is meant to give you the scientific details of digestion so that you can tackle digestion problems wisely!

Digestion- step by step
As you all know, the first step of digestion starts in the mouth when you chew your food. Enzymes present in saliva are responsible for the breaking down of nutrients into smaller components. Once you swallow the food, it moves into the esophagus, the part of the digestive system which links your mouth to the stomach. From esophagus food moves on to the upper portion of the stomach. From there it moves part by part to the lower portion by muscular action. Then the food gets mixed with acids and other liquids in the stomach and get acted upon by stomach enzymes which further disintegrates the protein components in the food and converts food into a liquid-like state. It then moves into the small intestine.

The mixing of food with the bile occurs in the small intestine. The bile is formed in the liver, and it gets pushed out from the gallbladder into the intestine while you have food. This bile adds fat to the liquid food but it gets digested by the pancreatic, and intestinal enzymes. The walls of your intestine absorb all the nutrients, and they are transported by the blood cells to all parts of the body and gets either stored or undergoes chemical changes as required. Tits and bits of food which do not get digested, and the worn-out cells in the intestine are the waste products of digestion, and they get expelled from your body through the anal passage.

Reasons for improper digestion
Lack of digestive enzymes or stomach acids is one of the most common reasons for improper digestion. Bad food habits, stress, anxiety can all be the reason behind this insufficiency. Your body reacts to this by pulling enzymes from other parts into the digestive system which, in turn, puts other systems such as immunity at risk.

Tips for healthy digestion
● Include plenty of raw fruits and vegetables in your diet
● Drink lots of water – Make sure you drink water half to one hour before and after meals and not in between meals.
● Eat natural and healthy foods instead of processed, junk items.
● Take supplements if required

If your food habits are not disciplined, it is high time to make a change. Start with these tips and see the changes it brings about to your health!

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